Taylor Stitcher

The (R)evolution of rotator cuff reconstruction

Taylor Stitcher

The (R)evolution of rotator cuff reconstruction

Taylor Stitcher

Instrument for the creation of transosseous tunnels.

A reliable method to realize transosseous tunnels arthroscopically with just a few steps (steep learning curve).

The target bracket system enables flexible reconstruction concepts with regard to tunnel positions, number of tunnels and yarn configurations.

Low proportion of disposable material reduces material costs per case and makes total costs controllable regardless of defect size and reconstruction configuration applied.


Based on Taylor Stitcher technology, which has already proven itself in previous generations, a target bar has been implemented in the current version, which is easy to insert and allows good orientation in the shoulder. In addition, the lateral entry point can be identified without prior measurement. The ability to reach any point in the area of the footprint allows the surgeon to achieve optimal fixation of the tendon(s).
The ST needle (Superelastic Transosseous) is a curved 1.9 mm needle made of nitinol (shape memory alloy made of nickel/titanium). In the cannula it is straight, when it drives it returns to its curved shape and thus creates the bent tunnel in one step, through which it simultaneously transports threads or shuttle threads. The created bone bridge has a thickness of 18-20 mm.


Numerous configurations are possible: multiple parallel tunnels or multiple exit points, starting from a lateral entry point. The curved shape of the tunnels avoids the formation of sharp corners and thus the main cause of the formation of gaps between vision and footprint. Minimized dimensions and improved handling characterize the Taylor Stitcher.

Operational procedure

Threading shuttle thread or threads into the eye of the Taylor Stitcher’s ST needle.

Placing the Taylor Stitcher and determining the exit point of the transosseous tunnel.

Carrying out the tunneling and gripping of the shuttle thread or threads.


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