Novation Element Schaft

Ein Design, basierend auf mehr als 25 Jahren klinischer Anwendung.

Novation Element Schaft

A design based on more than 25 years of clinical use.


Novation Element Schaft

The Novation® Element’s® tapered-wedge stem philosophy and its extensive hydroxyapatite coating, utilizes design and surgical technique principles based upon more than 25 years of clinical use.1,2

Features and Benefits


  • Design and surgical techniques based upon more than 25 years of clinical use.1

Bone Conserving

  • This bone-conserving system is designed to provide initial stability and biologic fixation while providing surgeons with a simple broach-only system that is flexible enough to accommodate various surgical approaches.1


  • Proportional neck lengths reduce neck resection and are designed to optimize joint kinematics.3
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*Laboratory tests are not necessarily predictive of clinical outcomes.